Falcon's CryMajor Micheal W. Donnelly VFW Post 10251 is named after Michael W. Donnelly a United States Air Force fighter pilot and activist. Medically retired in 1996 following a diagnosis of Lou Gehrig's disease, he became a leading activist for sufferers of Gulf War syndrome. Donnelly quickly gained national recognition as a veteran's advocate, including appearing in a feature article in People Magazine. He led a six-year campaign to convince the federal government of the connection between Lou Gehrig's Disease and active service in the Gulf, and provided testimony to the United States Congress regarding this issue.

Donnelly died of his disease in 2005. The Major Michael Donnelly Land Preserve, in his hometown of South Windsor, Connecticut, is named for him. His funeral was attended by H. Ross Perot, whom Donnelly met while advocating for Gulf War veterans. Donnelly also wrote the book Falcon's Cry: A Desert Storm Memoir with his sister Denise Donnelly.



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